The American Sign Language Alphabet Book: Letters A-Z and Numbers 0-9

The American Sign Language Alphabet Book: Letters A-Z and Numbers 0-9

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The no-worries and no-headache way to quickly learn the ASL sign language alphabet on the go.
Optimized to display on small mobile screens. Includes charts and how-tos.

ISBN mobi 978-3-86469-072-3

About the Book

A little ebook manual with the American Sign Language Alphabet (and the numbers 0-9)

All the signs were approved by sign language experts (Gallaudet University), so you can rest assured that they are correct.
The illustrations are optimized for small screens & cell phones.

An easy and free step into the world of ASL. For family members, old and new friends, students, random acquaintances, and total strangers.

Learn the alphabet and get interested in learning the rest.


The American Sign Language Alphabet: Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9  will help you learn the basics of ASL fingerspelling without a headache and in no time.

This book is part of a set of professional reference guides for international manual alphabets for It is designed for libraries, institutions, and individuals who need or prefer the information in ebook format.

All the hand signs were approved by American sign language experts. The signs are shown in large illustrations from two viewpoints in order to facilitate understanding, as well as grouped together in a comprehensive chart.

BONUS: The book contains a link to a set of unique printable ASL alphabet charts for your personal use.

Lassal’s work for has earned her a nomination for The German Prize for Civic Engagement 2013.



About the Author

Lassal is a contemporary German concept artist and author of several non-fiction, short fiction, and illustrated books. Her project – a site that provides revised high-quality manual alphabets for free download – garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for the German Award for Civic Engagement. More information about More information about American Sign Language word search books for kids:

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