Irritated by all the different ASL alphabet charts you are finding online?

Worried about accidentally learning the wrong signs?

The American Sign Language Alphabet: Letters A-Z, Numbers 0-9 reference guide will help you learn the basics of ASL fingerspelling without a headache and in no time. All the hand signs were approved by renowned American sign language experts. This book is part of a set of professional reference guides for international manual alphabets for It is designed for libraries, institutions, and individuals who need or prefer the information in ebook format.

Unsure about some of the handshapes?

Some signs are hard to grasp (and hard to illustrate). These are two of the reasons why handshapes are often shown from varying perspectives rather than a continuous one. Unfortunately, changes of perspective within an alphabet chart are rarely pointed out, leading to confusion and misunderstandings. The signs in this reference guide are shown in large illustrations from two defined view points in order to facilitate understanding. Each handshape is demonstrated in two images – one, as seen by the viewer and one, as seen by the signer – which makes each sign easy to learn. In addition, the alphabet as well as the numbers 0-9 are grouped together separately in comprehensive charts.

ASL Alphabet viewpoint Project Fingeralphabet

What Others Are Saying About These Books

That is brilliant! Thank you for your hard work! … The Kindle ebook looks cool!
Caroline Mc Grotty

Chairperson, Irish Deaf Youth Association

Wow, I’m very impressed with your work – beautiful presentation! Love the graphics.
Dr. Rachel McKee

Programme Director, Deaf Studies, School of Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

You are really doing a great job and I know that many … people all over the world will appreciate [it].
Ms. Phillipa Sandholm

Administrative Secretary, World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)




Find out how to fingerspell with the American Sing Language (ASL) Alphabet and the signs for the numbers 0-9.

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Lassal is a contemporary German concept artist and author of several non-fiction, short fiction, and illustrated books. Her Project FingerAlphabet – a site that provides revised high quality manual alphabets for free download – garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for the German Award for Civic Engagement. More information about Project FingerAlphabet:

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