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Want to Join Our Cool Launch Team?

Launch Team members get free advanced reader’s copies (ARCs) ahead of the official publication team.

An ARC is a free “advanced reader’s copy” for the purpose of gathering advanced product feedback. We simply want to know if the books are of value, if you like them, if we fulfilled our promises to you.

To be considered you will have to live in the USA and do 2 simple things:


#1.  Make sure you have a review posted for any of the previous ASL Word Search Puzzle books

ARCs are for reviewers only (both fans, bloggers, & pro reviewers). The review can be on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Since most people use pseudonyms online, you will need to send me a screenshot as an email attachment, so that I know which one is yours.

It does not have to be a 5star review, but it should be honest & helpful for other customers.

Email the screenshot to: lassal(at)legendarymedia(dot)de
Attention, that is a “de” and not a “com” at the end!


#2. Click Here to Enter Your Data for The Application

We will need your contact data to be able to send you the books ahead of publication.

Make sure to scroll all the way down the form and hit the “Apply” button.


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